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Yggdrasil, altnordisch Yggdrasill, auch: Weltesche, ist in der nordischen Mythologie der Name einer Esche, die als Weltenbaum den gesamten Kosmos verkörpert. Andere Namen dieses Baums waren wohl Mimameid oder Lärad.

    I still have trouble with it. Still has a lot to learn but your description sounds very inspiring. It's all very complex and you have to acquire a lot of knowledge to be able to deal with it

    OH glad I could help but I'm also not very good with it and haven't even practiced it in years for many reasons. But it's there and I can feel how incredibly heavy and strong they are and I can understand your heard time with it

    It's heavy. :)

    I guess from the outside world I'm a scientist and a doctor. Also very sceptical and try to stay away from the general beliefs and practices of spirituality and snake oil salesmen. I hate general religion and am quite a rebel.

    I'm also Pagan. :D

    how did you make this connection if I may ask?

    anism and witchcraft I met a lot of options like tarot cards and others but runes just stuck out to me. And the ones I met were the old ones. I tried understanding and working with the new Futhark but it just didn't feel the same. Almost cold, empty, young, fresh. The old Futhark for me felt as a life force that guided me through many rough times. Going through one right now too so I'm thinking I'll connect with them for guidance once again.



    My name is Fay and I'm not sure where I should present myself but here goes. First of all I'd like to apologize but I'm an English speaker.

    So I am very happy to be joining your community. My name is Fay and I'm from Bulgaria. I'm 27 and a veterinarian studying to be a human doctor. All my life I was intrigued by the supernatural, it always drew me close. Then when I was about 14-15 I decided to practice magic and I fell in love with the craft. I saw that magic went hand in hand with the old faith and it was love at first sight for me to be a pagan. I even remember the day I became pagan - felt like it resonated with the deepest core of my being - like I was christened into paganism and felt like this is who I was. It was the happiest day of my life an ever since I've been following this path. To this day I have my very first altar. Its been quite some time now that I practiced my magic but my so called gifts are still with me even though I tend to suppress them to be honest. I always keep a sceptical eye. I'm also a scientist and I love theoretical and astro physics, biology and genetics too. Books are one of my favorite things but I tend to listen to audio books because I have dyslexia. Also one of my favorite things to do is be alone outside in nature, in a dress, dancing and or singing but alone, so noone judges me and laughs at me. I grew up in a harsh environment and it was very hard to be who I am so I always kept my secrets. Nowadays I aim to build my own dreams and my top priority in life is to create a family, with children that I can teach about Odin and my craft - still no luck there though. I want to give my future children the best childhood ever. So yea I'm a weird cookie and I hope I don't scare anyone here. I try to be as active as I can, but between work and studying I'm left with little time to sleep, let alone be active in here but I will do my best. I just wish to meet great people and be myself truly. Have an amazing day y'all!

    The best place in the text!

    Can you tell us more? Do you have any other experiences?

    Well it is kind of funny. If for just a second we pretend that there is a possibility for this to be real - ever since then - since Him kind of flipping me off and maybe possibly being irritated at me disrespecting a God by trying to act casual /by the way that's who I am, sheesh, someone has a bit sensitive ego/ every time I,, tune in,, for one occasion or another I do feel it being tight. Like closed off a bit. I feel that I am more than welcome if I come for worship or prayer but just a conversation or something - and I'm out. I also have had a very nagging voice in my head ever since I first came into contact With Him and asking for one thing that was in turn fulfilled - I should build/make even a home made altar for worship and sacrifice. I have to admit that every time I do,, check in,, if I had to translate the situation in a humoristic way it would go like this : Me: Hey, wadup..Just checking to say something and..

    Odin: Have you Built an altar yet?

    Me: well no, but I..

    Odin: Then no.

    So yeah.. I have zero idea how to make an altar of worship and I'm still locked out a bit, and it's been a few years hehe.. In my defence I'd say that I am and always have been all alone in this. Zero help, never had a community to belong to. In a country where this is just so alien that I don't even have anyone to share with. So yea, I haven't built an altar yet, He has an Ego, and I love son of a.. God :D I don't know why. I have other experiences surrounding this but they're simple and probably boring for people to read. Either way what I'm saying here could serve as a fun evening light reading so enjoy and I'd love it if one day this community can have some gathering in real life and I could come. I'm like a child with no parents who still seeks her family so.. ^_^

    P. S. : On the side note: I love my runes and nobody's touching that part of my faith.. Tarot is strong, but runes are alive. They have a mind and a soul of their own and I never demand or control them. I always only ask. I love love love them

    They feel like my home.

    I am so grateful for you guys taking the time to say hi and welcome me. I'd love to stay. I'm beyond fine with people being sceptical and not believing me. I question myself. I push those experiences way down and try to ignore them out of fear I have zero proof or I could just be crazy. But it felt nice saying just once - out loud in front of people. I enjoy my silence so I wouldn't bother anybody that much and I doubt anyone wants to hear more of this weird tale but I'm very happy I wasn't laughed at atleast. Very greatfull for your acceptance.

    DISCLAIMER: I'm new and also I don't speak German fluently enough to be able to share with you what I'd like. I'm bilingual so this is hard enough for me too. I hope I'm forgiven for writing in English and if it's not okay I accept anyone's future help for translating my posts in German.


    To anyone who reads. This is kind of an open letter. Sharing experience, knowledge and wisdom. I've chosen to follow the Pagan path since I was 16. I've always, always been not just drawn to Odinism in particular, but all of my real encounters with the realm of the mystical have been solely from Nordic origins. Only using runes, unlike other methods, ever worked to produce real results (a single of many examples in my life). I don't remember what year it was but I remember when it happened - the moment I was all of a sudden able to see places far out of my reach, in my minds eye. With detail and truth to it which was weird. I've had friends ask me what their boy crush is doing and I just imitated what I thought I saw as a glimpse - turned out to be creepy accurate. But then I started seeing the spirit realm. I started seeing guides. At first it was their eyes. Then I could see them from head to toe. I could talk to them and with them. Every time I met somebody I could see their spirit guides. Most of them look human- like to me. Some were not happy to see me.. Maybe not okay with seeing them, or just didn't like me interacting with the people they were attached to. Maybe I was hallucinating, either way it was weird. Ive been suppressing these so called powers for three- four years now because life happens and you need to be connected with the work around you, but I keep coming back to who I truly am and it suffocated me to not be myself, be all alone. Here maybe I could find my kin. Anyways the story is this - I saw Odin. It was the weirdest experience ever. Just like all the rest it came into a flash, unexpectedly as I was just in my room at the time and pasing back and forth, I was thinking about a pagan solstice dance I could maybe do to honor the upcoming spring and my mind was wondering off into Odinism again and I jokingly said to myself - hehe yea what am I thinking, am I crazy, of course He doesn't exist just like the rest of the pagan gods, not any more- and then I connected. My soul peered into the realm and I saw Him. It was a very vibrant, strong, powerful mix of two energies - one was old, ancient, wise and almost cloudy, dark, surrounding something very bright and new inside, a rebirth. Long story short I was breathless. I spoke and He replied. Let me tell you He is wise and scary as heck. Told me He was being reborn as there are people who started believing in him once again. Unlike the other gods he wasn't gone. He.. I don't know. I tried acting casual, talking like I would to one of you, but I quickly was placed in my place. I realized I could never disrespect Him like that again and after I tried speaking like a friend once or twice more I was kind of ignored. Kind of on the - speak to me only whe you really have something to say, and use respectful words- list and yea.. I only had one request so far and it was fulfilled. The rest was done by my runes when it came to requesting for wishes and dreams.

    Take what you may from this story, I've been keeping it a silent secret for only myself for years now and honestly I gain nothing from sharing this apart from maybe you laughing at me. I'm nothing more than just a random girl from another country, but.. I finally get to feel and be myself even if for just 5 minutes. Unburdening and sharing my secret experiences amongst a community that can maybe feel like family was always my dream. It'd be nice if I can truly deeply be free here.

    Thank you.